3rd- 4th April

It finally happened: We are on the water! The driver of the tractor which manouvered the boat out of its berth on stilts was even multitasking by speaking on his mobile phone most of the time. The boat was then hoisted up by a giant remote control crane and wheeled into the launching bay. It looked more like the man was controlling a model aeroplane than lifting, turning, driving and dropping a ten ton boat with a crane. All very modern but it worked!
Click HERE to see tractor video
Finally afloat!
We spent the night at Cleopatra Marina and then made the 10 minute crossing by motor to Preveza the little town opposite.
Our first landfall went without mishap, backing on to the quay having cast an anchor from the front (there's a boat word for the front which my brain has hidden in a safe place for now). Preveza is a charming small town with shops and restaurants and plenty of local life as well as the yachting fraternity some of whom we got to know over a few bottles of red wine yesterday evening. Only 3 boats at the quay, we seem to be one of the early birds of the season. It is a strange mixture of almost too hot already in the sun in the day but chilly in the wind and in the evening. We are glad of the two duvets on board at night in our increasingly organised new home...