Under sail!

9th - 10th April

One step further on our voyage, today we set sail for the first time. No more cleaning (or procrastination) to be done, we left the safety of Preveza town quay and headed into the bay of Amvratitos (Amvratitos Kolpos) to hoist sail. All went pretty smoothly considering it is more than 30 years since Paul has rigged a yacht. Not too many obvious mistakes and hardly any tomfoolery.

All manouvers undertaken including hoists, drops, tacks, jibes, reefing and unreefing. Learning the ropes. Literally.
Our first night by anchor. Paul found the perfect spot east of a little wooded island by Vonitza, a few hours south east of Preveza.
We inflated our little rubber dinghy and the next day we rowed ashore and wondered round the island. We also completed the renaming of our vessel from 'Cazal's Lady' to 'Wonderer'. All traces of the old name have now been erased from the boat, including the ceremonial dropping into the sea of a metal ingot inscribed with the old name.
An impromptu and small but perfectly formed ceremony was held to appease Poseidon who does not look favourably upon renaming boats. As we poured libations of (not champagne but) beer from west to east we uttered forth the following incantation: "Oh mighty and great ruler of the seas and oceans, to whom all ships and we who venture upon your vast domain pay homage, we implore you in your graciousness to take unto your records and recollection this worthy vessel hereafter and for all time known as 'Wonderer', guarding her with your mighty arm and trident and ensuring her of safe and rapid passage through her journeyss within your realm." We similarly implored the four winds to keep us safe from harm: Boreas (north wind), Zephyrus (west wind), Eurus (east wind) and Notus (south wind). Thereafter the remaining libations were passed amongst those present and a celebratory lunch was enjoyed by all. 'Wonderer' now sails under her rightful name.